丸山 健志Takeshi Maruyama


2004年に 脚本・監督を務めた映画「エスカルゴ」でデビュー。


「悲しみの忘れ方 Documentary of 乃木坂46」(2015)東宝系全国公開

◎Music Video
MONDO GROSSO Vo.満島ひかり、乃木坂46、福山雅治、安室奈美恵、絢香、加藤ミリヤ、清水翔太、Little Glee Monster、MAN WITH A MISSION、aiko、Superfly、AAA etc


絢香 「サクラ」 ショートフィルム 2017
アマゾンプライム 「Final Life」主演:松田翔太、TEMIN(SHinee) 2017 第9話/第10話 監督

MONDO GROSSO Vo.満島ひかり「ラビリンス」/ MTV VMAJ2017 Best Dance Video
加藤ミリヤ 「Lonely Hearts」 / MTV VMAJ2015 Best R&B VIDEO,SSTV MVA2015 Best Video

Film Director, Video Director

Born in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, in 1980, and Graduated from Department Global Information and Telecommunication Studies of WASEDA University.
Debuted in 2004 with the movie Escargot, for which he wrote the screenplay and directed.

Since then, He continues to create popularity works that is an emotional shaking emotion, and a dramatic and brilliant visual such as music video, commercial TV advertisements, documentary, drama.

Cinema :
“the movie Escargot” in 2005
“Directed Forgetting Sadness : Documentary of Nogizaka-46” in 2015 which was released nationwide on the Toho circuit

Music Video :
MONDO GROSSO Vo.Hikari Mitsushima, Nogizaka-46, Masaharu Fukuyama, Namie Amuro, Ayaka, Miriya Kato, Shouta Shimizu, Little Glee Monster, MAN WITH A MISSION, aiko, Superfly, AAA and more

CF :

Drama/Short Film :
Ayaka “sakura” short film in 2017
Amazon Prime “Final Life” in 2017 Episode9&10 starred Shota Matsuda, TEMIN(SHinee)

Awards :
MONDO GROSSO Vo.Hikari Mitsushima ”Labyrinth」” / MTV VMAJ2017 Best Dance Video
Miriya Kato ”Lonely Hearts” / MTV VMAJ2015 Best R&B VIDEO,SSTV MVA2015 Best Video

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